8 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks 2020 Reviews

A full face mask is used for covering the whole face including your mouth and nose. Thus, you can breathe underwater normally as you would on land. You can also eliminate the need for an external regulator and mouthpiece if you use a full face mask. Some models come with a second stage regulator built-in but some others allow you to connect the existing second stage to it.

8. Full Face Mask Benefits

Full Face Mask Benefits

A full face mask also provides you a greater visibility. Thus you can see beside and below very easily. As it covers your whole face, you will get protection from cold water, stinging critters, pollution, and such other things.

FFMs come with multiple straps, which make them hard to dislodge. Even if you become unconscious in underwater due to heart attack or any other health problem, the regulator will not fall out of your mouth. So, you will get air continuously from FFM. If you purchase the best FFM with communications integrated, you can speak to the other divers.

7. UooCool Full View

UooCool Full View

If you want to explore the amazingly beautiful underwater sights, the UooCool Full View is the ideal choice. The full face snorkel mask of UooCool allows you to watch fishes as close as you can. It has a free breathing design, so you need not hold the snorkel in your mouth. Thus, you can breathe inside this mask normally and naturally. Keep Dry technology is used for manufacturing the UooCool Full View. So, it is effective for preventing water coming through the top. Anti-fog design prevents mask from clouding up. Thus, you will not face any difficulties to see the underwater elements. In short, it can provide you a crystal clear vision.


  • Provides a crystal clear vision
  • Keep Dry technology
  • Allows natural breathing due to free breathing design
  • Anti-fog design
  • Comfortable

6. Trax To Tracks Full Face Mask

Trax To Tracks Full Face Mask

Swallowing water is the greatest fear of those who engage in underwater expeditions. If you want to avoid this problem, you can surely purchase Trax To Tracks Full Face Mask. This is the best equipment for eliminating the inconvenience of holding snorkel in your mouth. It allows you to breathe and swim normally because it comes with double air flow channels. It means, you can do breathe in and out through separate channels. So, there will not be any fog. The Trax To Tracks Full Face Mask has 4 adjustable elastic fabric headband, which allows you to put on the mask very easily. It will not limit your vision because if offers 180 degree clear visual. Top technology construction prevents water from entering in the snorkeling set when you dive underwater. It has a drain valve, which helps to drain away the accidental leakage.


  • Provides 180 degree clear vision
  • Broadside dual sealing design
  • Easy to put on the mask
  • Dual air-flow channel structure
  • Helps to avoid holding snorkel in your mouth

5. Vaincre 180 degree View

Vaincre developed its recent180 degree View snorkel for enhancing the experience of scuba divers. A 180-degree view is one of the most important features of this full face snorkel mask. Thus, the scuba divers get proper protection in underwater. They can also experience, view and understand the beauty of the underwater world perfectly if they use this mask. It also allows you to breathe extremely easy. It offers you additional safety because of the integration of vision and shatterproof polycarbonate window. It has inbuilt ventilation system, which is helpful for preventing fogging.


  • No water leakage
  • Soft ear plugs for keeping salt water out
  • Anti-fogging technology
  • Adjustable and comfortable elastic bands
  • Mesh carry bag helps to keep various aspects
  • Gopro Mount allows capturing all beautiful moments

4. Easy Snorkel Mask 180 Degree

Easy Snorkel Mask 180 Degree

Dry snorkel technology and larger viewing area are the peculiar features of Easy Snorkel Mask 180 Degree. It has a tubeless design, which is perfect for preventing gag reflex. It allows you to breathe either through your nose or mouth. No special training is required for using this mask. It is constructed on the basis of 2nd gen Dry technology, thus, it prevents water from entering your mask and breathing tube perfectly. Anti-fog technology offers you a crystal clear vision by preventing the mask form clouding up. It is perfect for people of all ages.


  • Breathing through nose and mouth is possible
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-fog design
  • Perfect for people of all ages
  • Offers proper leak protection
  • Innovative and comfortable
  • Tubeless design
  • Excellent visibility

3. Octobermoon 180 degree Full View

Octobermoon 180 degree Full View

You can surely go with Octobermoon 180 degree Full View if you want to experience the water world with larger viewing area. This second generation snorkel mark provides you a 180 degree viewing area. It is also very easy to adjust its size. The mask offers maximum comfort, thus you can enjoy a great unrestricted view. So, you can concentrate on the things around you without any difficulties. The mask also provides you an amazing vision. You can use this snorkel mask without the fear of water getting into your mouth and nose because it comes with an anti-leaking and anti-fogging technology.


  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable
  • Fits on your face properly
  • A 180 degree view area
  • Fog proof
  • No leaking

2. Triboard Easybreath

Triboard Easybreath

If you want to breathe and feel underwater like you do on land, you can surely go with Triboard Easybreath. Difficulty in breathing underwater is the major problem during snorkeling. The snorkel mouthpiece can be uncomfortable, intrusive and even unhygienic. The Triboard Easybreath is the outcome of years of research and experiments. Thus, it allows you a natural and easy breathing underwater. The size of this snorkel mask is large, so you will get an unobstructed 180 degree view area. A double air-flow system offers proper protection from fogging. The one way valve is extremely effective for preventing water from entering your mouth via the snorkel. Highly visible top allows you to avoid collisions.


  • Gets best protection from fogging
  • Breathing is very easy through nose and mouth
  • Offers a clear panoramic view
  • Leaks, if any, quickly drains away
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative technology

1. Seaview 180 Degree

Seaview 180 Degree

Wildhorn Outfitters, the manufacturer of Seaview 180 Degree, is very popular for making high quality products. The Seaview 180 Degree is considered as the best full face snorkel mask for many reasons. It is designed for breathing comfortably and easily through your nose or mouth while snorkeling. You can completely avoid the problems of gag reflex, sore jaw, tiredness, etc if you use Seaview 180 Degree. It can be used both adults and kids. Comfortable fit, easy to adjust straps, etc are the other features of this mask. It comes with dry snorkel technology, thus it prevents salt water from entering in your mouth. A separate breathing chamber is the other peculiar feature of this mask. Thus, you can make your snorkeling experience more enjoyable.


  • Fits perfectly for full face
  • Offers a clear and amazing view
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Helps to breathe normally
  • No fog problem
  • Anti-leak design