Top 8 Best Pomade For Thick Hair 2020 Reviews

Have a festering need for weatherproof hair? Or, perhaps you need your hair to stay sleek for your wedding? Or, perhaps you simply live an active lifestyle, and you wish for your hair to always look awesome. Whichever reason you use pomades for, this list of the Best Pomades for Thick Hair will help you find the best pomades for your thick hair,taking care of all of your needs all in one place. We have listed everything from super firm strong hold, to medium hold, and they are all for thick hair. There is something here for every hair type, from straight to curly to kinky, this list has a pomade for you.

8. Hair Craft Co. Pomade Semi-Matte Finish Men’s Strong Hold Styling Gel

Hair Craft Co. Pomade Semi-Matte Finish Men’s Strong Hold Styling Gel

This hair pomade offers a sleek,and has a semi-matte, shiny finish, with no flaking. It is also completely water-soluble, making it very easy to wash out, on top of the fact that you only need to use it once throughout the day, it leaves your hair clean, and free of excessive product buildup. Adding to the list of greatness in a jar, Hair Craft Co.’s pomades are also cruelty free by not testing on animals, and easy on the nose with a subtle scent, making it one of the top selling, 5 star rated pomades on Amazon.


  • Water Soluble, All Day Strong Hold, No Re-application Needed, 4 Ounces of Product, Cruelty Free.

7. Viking Revolution Medium Hold Men’s Pomade

Viking Revolution Medium Hold Men’s Pomade

Just a little dab’ll do ya! Viking Revolution Pomade’s medium hold control will allow your creativity to flow through your hair. This pomade is made without harsh chemicals, so your hair will feel and be healthy when you wash it out.


  • Medium Control, No Harsh Chemicals, Water Soluble.

6. Jovinno Natural Medium to Thick Hold Pomade

Jovinno Natural Medium to Thick Hold Pomade

Jovinno Natural Pomade is made of some of the most amazing ingredients which are sourced from France, including: hemp seed oil, flax seeds, rosemary extract, calendula oil, and marshmallow root. These ingredients, along with its medium to thick control allows your hair to become healthier with consistent use, while also promoting a healthy scalp which can lead to healthy hair growth. You can use less or more of the product for more control without looking greasy.


  • Natural Ingredients, Medium to Thick Hold, Promotes Hair Growth and a Healthy Scalp

5. Viking Firm Hold Men’s Pomade

Viking Firm Hold Men’s Pomade

Making another round on our 8 Best Hair Pomades in 2019, Viking Pomade has another choice to help you make a “firm” decision. Of course, it is the Firm Hold version of their pomade, still giving you the control you need without the excessive product build up, keeping your hair style looking great all day with extra strength.


  • Water Soluble, Firm Hold, Touchable Hair, No Harsh Ingredients

4. Hair Craft Co. Semi-Matte Finish Women’s Firm Hold Styling Gel/Pomade

Hair Craft Co. Semi-Matte Finish Women’s Firm Hold Styling Gel/Pomade

Another brand that is making another mark on our list is the Hair Craft Co. Styling Pomade gel; this time made to appeal to the ladies! If you are needing to slick up your hair for those fancy updos, or want to spruce up a lazy-day ponytail, look no further! Has more of a feminine-friendly scent, and as always, no animal testing.


  • Firm-Strong Hold, Water Soluble, made with Argan Oil, 4 Ounce Product, Cruelty Free.

3. Smooth Viking Hair Pomade

Smooth Viking Hair Pomade

This pomade is “insanely good”, and can be used on both, wet or dry hair for sleek results, and a little bit goes quite a long way. Smooth Viking Hair Pomade is water soluble, and rinses out easily with water. Can be applied with added water for better control. This product is only meant to be used on your hair on your head, not intended for facial hair use.


  • Water Soluble, Wet or Dry Hair, Medium Hold, for Thick and Curly Hair.

2. Baxter’s of California Clay Pomade

Baxter's of California Clay Pomade

This may be the most interesting pomade to make the list! Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade is made of natural ingredients, including bentonite clay and beeswax which both give this product with a mix of glycerin so it won’t dry out your hair. It also has a matte finish with a strong, flexible hold. Works for all hair types including straight to curly and everything in-between. This clay based pomade can be used on wet or dry hair, and you don’t need a whole lot to get the job done, but you can add just a little more to increase the hold and control of the product.


  • Washes Out Easily, Lasts All Day, Natural Ingredients, Holds Any Style, Works for All Hair Types, Great for Mustaches, too!

1. Suavecito Firme (Strong) Hold Pomade

Suavecito Firme (Strong) Hold Pomade

Perfect for pompadours, slicking back your hair, sleek side parts, or whatever style you decide to take on. Suavecito allows you to construct any type of hair style, and is perfect for thick hair. Apply to dry or damp hair, and has a sandalwood based, woodsy, floral fragrance. With great combing ability and moderate shine for a healthy look, this pomade is perfect for those who ride motorcycles and others with active lifestyles. Suavecito comes in at #1 on our list of the Best Pomades for Thick Hair in 2019 due to its versatility.


  •  Water Soluble, Moderate Healthy Shine, Firm Strong Hold, Easy to Comb In, Sandalwood fragrance.