Top 8 Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames 2020 Reviews

On most vehicles, license plate frames are boring cheaply made accessories that individuals hate with a passion. If you are among them and are conscious about your cars overall outlook, numerous replacement frames are available. From ABS plastic to rhinestone-embellished custom models, you can easily find a compatible frame from your vehicle with little effort. However, for a clean and appealing look, one of the professionally designed carbon fiber frames in stores will serve you the best. Durable, for instance, they withstand a lot of physical and environmental abuse without losing their charm. They are also cheap and have convenient snap-on designs that ease setup.

8. Probrother Printed Style

Custom Accessories 92820

Widely ignored by most individuals, number plate frames are vital accessories that play a major role. Apart from their aesthetic value, they also secure and protect number plates well as you drive around. To enjoy theses and more benefits, this printed style probrother frame is ideal. Attainable as a convenient two-piece set, you get valuable accessories for front and rear plates. The ABS plastic used to make them is durable and has a sleek carbon fiber coating for protection. Their standard-sized universal designs fit most license plates.


  • Universal sized
  • Fiber coated for optimal protection
  • Very easy to install
  • Attainable as an affordable set

7. Car-Wear Plate Frame

Perfect for use on SUV and as sedans, Clear-wear is a valuable plate frame made of 100% carbon fiber. Compared to traditional plastics, the material is 100% weather. It also has an attractive UV-protected coating that prevents stains and maintains its shine over time. During summer or winter, therefore, it will secure and protect your car’s number plate and boost its value at the same time. This vacuum-infused frame has a quality direct fit design that you can set up easily. Holes are accurate (pre-drilled); while the adhesive tape used to stabilize it prevents it from rattling as you drive on rough surfaces. Buy yours to get a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects for a year.


  • 100% carbon fiber
  • One-year warranty
  • Sturdy vacuum infused design
  • UV and gel coatings

6. Deepro Sport

Deepro Sport

With Deepro, you get sports-grade rear and front license plate frames made of real (100%) carbon fiber. Forget about the blended models that some brands pass off as originals. With this set, you get professional-grade accessories that do not break, rattle, nor lose their charm over time. Recommended for use on both Canadian and US cars, their universal-sized designs are easy to install. Screws have protective covers, while their weather-resistant designs work well during rainy, snowy, and summer months.


  • Standard sized (US)
  • Real (100%) carbon fiber construction
  • Break, fade, and rattle-free

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5. IBetter Frames

IBetter Frames

While this set of IBetter frames is not 100% carbon fiber, its performance has earned it a spot on our list. Made of stainless steel, for instance, its aesthetic value is admirable. The material is also durable, rustproof, and has smooth-finished edges that do not scratch paint nor number plates. Featuring a convenient two-hole design, this frame does not require skill to install. With the aid of a few standard tools, you will remove your old frame and install it without hiring a professional.


  • Electroplated stainless steel
  • Easy to install 2-hole design
  • Convenient 6×12-inch design
  • Weather resistant

4. Custom Accessories 92820

Custom Accessories 92820

Featuring a durable two-piece construction, Custom Accessories 92820 is a valuable budget frame that does not look cheap at all. Made of a carbon-fiber-coated ABS plastic, it is light yet durable. Its style is desirable, while the non-scratch brackets it comes with betters its stability. Unlike the worn out rattling frame on your car, you will enjoy a quieter ride with this model. Custom Accessories 92820 has an easy to install snap on design. Rust-resistance is impressive, while its universal size fits most license plates.


  • Durable ABS construction
  • Carbon fiber coated
  • Rust resistant
  • Sturdy

3. ModifyStreet JDM

ModifyStreet JDM

With ModifyStreet JDM, you get a high-grade carbon fiber frame that fits both front and rear license plates. Available in black, it has a charming neutral outlook that complements the look of most cars. Installation is a breeze, while the real (100%) carbon fiber used to make it withstands abuse well. On all terrain, it works rattle-free, for instance. It is also waterproof, stain-proof, and has a flake proof clear coat that improves its charm. You will appreciate its value over the years.


  • Made of 100% carbon fiber
  • Flake proof
  • Charming black theme
  • Easy to install
  • Water and stain proof

2. Aggressive Overlays Frame

Aggressive Overlays is an authority-approved carbon fiber frame for license plates with a light 3D design that offered value. Designed to fit most license plates, for instance, its versatile design is desirable. Looks (high gloss) are charming, while its unique twill pattern does not stain over time. Moreover, with the aid of the UV coating it comes with, this license plate does not fade, as some low-grade models.


  • UV coated
  • High gloss
  • 100% carbon fiber
  • Universal fit

1. Ohuhu Matte

Ohuhu Matte

Popular in top carbon fiber license plate frame reviews, this matte-themed Ohuhu license plate tops our list. Made of aluminum, it is lighter yet durable that most comparable models. Stain and corrosion resistance is optimal, while its compatibility with most stock plate fasteners is desirable. Powder coated, its eye-catching matte surface does not scratch nor peel. Edges, on the other hand, are do not block registration tag as some oversized ones often do.


  • Powder coated matte finish
  • Accurately sized edges
  • Rustproof aluminum
  • Easy to install