Top 8 Heavy Duty Dog Crates 2020 Reviews

If you’ve had to travel with your pawed pals, you would be very well aware of how troublesome it can get to find a good crate that lasts long and one in which your dog would be comfortable too. We know it very well that it is not easy to find a good dog crate. Here, we are making an attempt to help you out. This article provides you with the top eight crates to pick from and we assure you, you wouldn’t be disappointed with our list. Go ahead and take a look.

8. World pride 37” Heavy duty Metal dog crate

World pride 37

The crate is made of a strong and steady metal frame the crate ideal for dogs weighing less than fifteen pounds. The crate has well finished bars that maintain the strength of the cage. It is sturdy in deed and at the same time looks good. It has a non-toxic coated texture which is safe for your dog. The bottom is relatively weak and in case your dog is growing, then there are high chances of a dent.


  • It can be folded down to a more compact state making storage easier and would ideally occupy lesser space.
  • The cage is weather resistant and corrosion free.

7. World Pride 37” Heavy duty Metal Wired dog crate

World Pride 37

With a bolted large front door to make entry and exit of your pet easier, the cage is also wired along with a sturdy metal frame. It is made up of iron and is polished, making it durable and resistant to rusting. The additional wiring just doesn’t add strength to the build of the cage but also keeps your pawed friends from quickly finding a way out. You may have to line the bars with some self-sticking linoleum so that your dog cannot damage the bars as some of them can lose shape with long term usage.


  • It is weather resistant, rust and corrosion free.
  • It can be easily put together. The manual assembly can be done super quickly.
  • The PP bottom tray is removable making the cleaning process easier.

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6. ProSelect Modular Select Cage

ProSelect Modular Select Cage

Made out of twenty gauge steel, the cage is powder-coated with hammertone finish for durability. The crate comes with an optional divider panel that allows the user to switch a single crate into a double container. The tough carrier is very durable and polished well enough to avoid your dog from chewing and damaging the crate. It is important to note that the crate has very sharp edges and isn’t very safe if you have little children at home.


  • The doors are removable for easy cleaning.
  • The design allows for multiple customizations and configurations.

5. Yaheetech 37” Heavy Duty dog pet cage

One of the more affordable crates in the market, this one too has a non-toxic coat along with an anti-corrosion layer. It has four well-built swivel casters making it super easy to move around, and can be folded to occupy lesser space. The crate is well within an affordable range, in case you’re looking something for a short while and do not wish to spend too much. It isn’t a really big crate. If you dog is well over 12 pounds, there isn’t going to be enough room around.


  • The crate is compact and lightweight. Makes it an ideal pick for travelling.
  • A detachable tray makes it very handy while cleaning.

4. Walcut Heavy duty 48” rolling double door metal crate

Walcut Heavy duty 48 rolling double door metal crate

If your pawed mate is a big guy, this one is perfect for you. Afghan Bloodhounds, Otterhounds, Siberian Huskies, Bernese Mountain dogs, Anatolian shepherds and other dogs of a similar build, can easily fit into the crate. The double door facility makes moving in and out of the crate much easier for bigger dogs. The front door also has two latched for easy access. It is unfair and difficult to keep a large dog in a cage for too long, in spite of this cage being a good 48” most dogs wouldn’t be able to do more than turning around from one side to the other.


  • Assembling the crate is the farthest from any kind of hassle.
  • The frames are strong enough, so your dog cannot chew them away.

3. Professional Superior quality 36” pet cage

Professional Superior quality 36

This cage is quite an affordable one and also, a compact one compared to other models. It has been made with 20 gauge steel and is built on maneuver on wheels. The crate is thirty inches high and twenty four inches wide. It is incredibly sturdy with very thick bars. No matter how naughty your dogs are, they won’t be able to chew this down and will eventually learn to stop. However, many parts may not be an exact fit. They may be smaller or larger and when your try and adjust them yourself, there are high chances to them becoming crooked.


  • The crate comes semi assembled, so assembling this after opening hardly takes a minute or two.
    The latches are solid metal and very difficult to open easily.

2. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

The company is well renowned for making one of the strongest crates and cage sin the world. With strong steel tubing and dual door attachments and duty welding at stress points, make empire one of the most recommendable cages. The entire kit has a floor grate, steel tray, four removable locking casters in high grade hammertone. The cage is extremely heavy. So if you wish to place it in your house, you need to decide beforehand because moving it around is a pain.


  • It is designed specifically for aggressive and heavy build dogs, and covers all features to not let them out of the cage.

1. Merax Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This cage comes in two sizes, 36” and 42”. Built with twenty gauge iron the cage is designed with a top and front door. The front door is equipped with double latches in cases of security reasons. The tray is also attached to an iron hasp to prevent it from moving back and forth when your pet stands on it. Some of the pieces may have structural design problems and consequentially, fitting right in place can be a problem.


  • The iron grate floor can be taken out for cleaning.