Top 8 Mini Sewing Machines 2020 Reviews

Are you a massive fan of ‘DIY’ activities? And are you a big fashionista? If you answer “Yes” to both questions, you must have wanted to design or decorate your own clothes. And even if you say “No”, you might still need a mini sewing machine. Because you would not want to go to a tailor every time you need to adjust or sew a small part of your clothes. Thus, maybe it’s time for you to get a mini sewing machine at home, be it for your DIY activities or small sewing tasks. Needless to say, a mini sewing machine is less costly and much easier to use than the large one. It might be small in size, but it has as many features as the large ones. And, we are here to save you with the 8 best mini sewing machines currently available in the market.

Buying Guides Of Mini Sewing Machine

Fabric Compatibility: Since not all automatic mini sewing machine work compatibly with just any fabric, you have to be extra considerate on this point. Some devices might work on any material just fine, but some might have its limitation. But do not worry, we state out clearly if there is any limitation to our suggested machines for you to consider.

Power Supply (Cordless Feature): If you are looking for greater convenience, you might want to find the machine with a cordless or simply battery feature. This one is essential if you’re going to use your device outdoor for a view or bring it with you during traveling or camping. Besides, being cordless means that you have more freedom since you do not always have to sew near a power supply.

8. Household Mini Sewing Machine, Portable Electrics

Household Mini Sewing Machine, Portable Electrics

This household sewing machine (mini size) from Jinlongshan. This machine is simply compatible with all users as it is easy to use. Jinlongshan equipped this machine with a winding pole and large spool so that you can use replace the bottom bobbin with a rewinding device. There is also a foot pedal for you to control the speed. This machine can provide you with double thread and clear sightline as well as easy cutting. You can use this machine on various fabrics such as cotton, linen, soft jeans, denim, hard wool, hard silk, etc.


  • Easy-to-Use
  • Easy Bottom Bobbin Replacement
  • Compatibility on Various Fabric

7. Mini Sewing Machine Handheld Portable Electric Sewing Machines

Mini Sewing Machine Handheld Portable Electric Sewing Machines

For this product is the small portable singer sewing machine from LILLIWEEN. This is a lightweight one with a compact size of 7.9×7.6×5 inches. This will fit into any space you got. This sewing machine comes with a full feature including a food pedal, thread cutter, as well as an LED light. There is also a particular cuff slot, specially designed for sewing trouser legs and sleeves. As a bonus, you can sew with this handheld machine outdoor, thanks to its battery supply feature. Regarding this, there are two power modes, an external power supply, and 4 AA batteries. Besides, since LILLIWEEN incorporated premium quality materials in building up this machine, you have less to worry about its quality.


  • Lightweight and Compact Size
  • Complete Feature
  • Portable and Cordless (Battery Supply)

6. NEX Portable Sewing Machine Double Speeds for Beginner Art Craft

NEX Portable Sewing Machine Double Speeds for Beginner Art Craft

For this reviews, it is the portable sewing machine from NEX. This machine comes with two-speed selection as well as an automatic bobbin rewinding. Since it also comes with a food pedal, you get to control your sewing speed with your feet while doing your sewing art with your hands. There are indeed 12 stitch patterns per this machine so that it can help you work with any project and attain to your images easily. And, similar to the number 7, this one also supports battery supply for your outdoor use. While its adapter indeed received authenticity certification by UL.


  • Two Speed Selection and Foot Pedal
  • 12 Stitch Pattern
  • Portable and Cordless (Battery Supply)

5. Yarwo Sewing Machine Tote Bag, Universal Portable Carrying Case

Yarwo Sewing Machine Tote Bag, Universal Portable Carrying Case

Next, we have the tote bag for the sewing machine from Yarwo. You should be alert that this one is a tote bag and not an actual sewing machine. This bag has a large capacity with an internal dimension of 18×8.7×12.7 inches and external dimensions of 18.5×10.7×12.There are multiple pockets for you to store different items like sewing essentials. The pockets are also made translucent, so you can access what you look for faster and easier. Nevertheless, this one has excellent protection, thanks to its internal cotton cushion and anti-slippery padded bottom. Yarwo also made it easy for you to carry this around with the carrying handle, padded shoulder straps, and back vertical strap.


  • Large Capacity and Multiple Pockets
  • Excellent Damage Protection
  • Carrying Comfort

4. Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Portable Mini Electric

Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Portable Mini Electric

It is the portable sewing machine from LIKESTAR. This machine is a mini size and lightweight one, but you can use it on all kinds of fabrics. You can create clothing, quilting, crafting, and doing home décor with it. And, LIKESTAR specially designed this machine with a unique extension table to help you sew smoothly while keeping the machine stable. There is also a built-in threat cutter so you can cut the line easily by just a pull with zero need of scissors. You’d also love to see that there is a built-in lamp to help you see the sewing line more clearly, especially at night-time. There is also a double thread design to equip you with solid seams and high-quality sewing.


  • Compatibility with all Kinds of Fabrics
  • Extension Table for a More Stable Sewing
  • Built-in Thread Cutter and Lamp

3. FIFADE Portable Sewing Machine, Mini Sewing Professional Cordless

FIFADE Portable Sewing Machine, Mini Sewing Professional Cordless

This one is a real light and compact one that will fulfill your emergency sewing need at home or during traveling. There are two types of power supplies for this one, the 6V power supply, and the 4 AA batteries. This can use this mini machine on most fabrics that have a thickness level below 1.8mm. You will also find it easy to use this machine as it comes with 4 thread set points. You can disassemble them when you sew with an adjustable mounting plate and a button. Needless to say, this FIFADE sewing machine is one of the lowing sale prices you can currently find in the market for a sewing machine.


  • Portable and Cordless (Battery Supply)
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Extremely Affordable Price

2. Mini Sewing Machine Portable Electric Small Household

Mini Sewing Machine Portable Electric Small Household

You will absolutely love to use this machine for your variable need. Liheya designed this machine with 2 double thread, 2 speed, and 12 in-built stitch features. With these, you can use this machine to modify your clothes, cut your trouser legs, create new baby clothes easily. Besides, since this machine comes with the latest high-power motor, it can sew just any materials, be it five layers of denim. As a bonus, there is also a built-in working lamp to help you see more clearly and reduce fatigue while performing your sewing tasks. Besides, you will also trust its durability since Liheya uses ABS materials and specially coated with piano lacquer. This will look new and elegant for years to come.


  • 2 Double Thread and 12 In-Built Stitch Features
  • Built-in Lamp for Clearer Vision
  • Durable Materials and Elegant Look

1. Top-Spring Beginner Electric Overlock Sewing Machine-Portable

 Top-Spring Beginner Electric Overlock Sewing Machine-Portable

For the mini sewing machine king, we have the overlock sewing machine from T0p-Spring. This mini sewing machine comes with a complete set of features of a sewing machine you ever need. There is a lighting lamp, auto winding, replaceable food, double thread, and a thread cutter. There is also a reverse sewing feature for you to reinforce the seam ends. Meanwhile, the overlock presser foot can prevent any unraveling of the fabric by wrapping around the fabric edge. Top-Spring also did not forget to include the food pedal for you to easily control your sewing performance. You will also find yourself having more sewing choices, thanks to its in-built 12 stitch patterns. And, it will work compatibly with just any fabrics. This machine is also powered by two sources, the cordless 4 AA batteries, and the electric power adapter. It will be much convenient for you to use this machine anywhere.


  • Complete Sewing Machine Set
  • Overlock Presser Foot for Unravelling Prevention
  • In-Built 12 Stitch Patterns
  • Portable and Cordless (Battery Supply)


You have finally completed our suggestion list. We cannot wait to see which one you choose. But we hope you do not forget to select the one with the fabric compatibility you need. And, if you love to bring your sewing machine to different places, the one with a battery supply should be your pick. Besides, we also cannot wait to see you unleash your DIY potential with our suggested products. Have a great time shopping here!