Top 10 Portable Car Garages 2020 Reviews

Whether you are putting together a backyard event, or if you just want to make sure that your car is protected from outdoor elements but you don’t have a garage, you can always count on a portable car garage. A portable car garage is one of the most efficient ways to protect your car from all sorts of outdoor elements, and it can also come in handy if you want to hang out with friends on a hot summer day. This list has the best portable car garages that you can get in By the end of the list, you will surely have the car tent of your dreams.

10. Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty Carport

Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty Carport

First up on the list is this carport that is made from polyethylene material that will protect your car from water, UV rays, rain and snow. This carport is protected all around so you don’t have to worry about water, sun, or snow hitting your car from the sides. The material is strong enough to withstand weather elements and the poles are held together tightly by the footing that is installed to them. This carport is white, but you can get a version that is brown if you would prefer that color instead.

9. Abba Patio 10 x 20 ft Heavy Duty Beige Carport

Abba Patio 10 x 20 ft Heavy Duty Beige Carport

When you get this carport, you have double layered polyethylene fabric protecting your car. This will also keep your car safe from UV rays, weather elements such as rain and snow, and the tent will be kept sturdy by the footing at the bottom of the poles holding the tent up. This carport is protected all the way around so you never have to worry about your car getting any damage. There is only one opening and that is for your car to drive in and out of the carport easily.

8. ShelterLogic 12′ x 12′ Corral Shelter and Livestock Shade

ShelterLogic 12' x 12' Corral Shelter and Livestock Shade

This carport is more for the livestock that you have roaming around than for your vehicle. This shelter and shade can keep your horses, cows, sheep, or any other livestock you have running around, safe from UV rays and weather elements. The shade is made out of safe and sturdy material so that rain, snow, and the UV rays from the sun will not hurt your animals. This should fit almost any corrals that you have set up, you can put them in a barn or out in the field. They should work for any livestock in any space that you’re working with. However, it is worth mentioning that this is only the shelter and shade part of the set. You have to purchase the gates and fences separately from this.

7. ADVANCE OUTDOOR 10 x 20 FT Heavy Duty Carport

ADVANCE OUTDOOR 10 x 20 FT Heavy Duty Carport

This carport comes with a waterproof cover that is made from triple layered polyethylene fabric. This will also keep your car kept safe from heat and UV rays. The cover of this carport will keep water, sun, and snow off of your car. This carport is not protected on the sides, but roof protection is enough to keep your car safe even if the sides are not protected. There are 4 different height selections. You can adjust the poles to stand between 6 to 7 feet tall, and the peak of the cover can go up to 10 feet. This will allow you to put almost anything underneath this carport.

6. charaHOME Canopy Tent Pop Up Portable Shade

charaHOME Canopy Tent Pop Up Portable Shade

If you are looking for a carport that feels a lot more like a home garage than a carport, this canopy tent is perfect for the job. It is made out of high quality and sturdy material, you will be protected from the weather like rain, snow, or wind. You will also be protected from the violent rays of the sun. This canopy is complete with sturdy footing so that it don’t topple over or fall down, the ability to close it up for all around protection, and it has windows so you can look outside at the world while you are safe inside of the canopy.

5. ALEKO CP1020BE Outdoor Event Carport

ALEKO CP1020BE Outdoor Event Carport

This tent is guaranteed to give you 200 square feet of UV protection, it stands about 8 feet tall, and it is made of the same reliable material that you look for in carports. It comes in a beige color, and it is waterproof with all around protection.

4. ShelterLogic 10′ x 15′ x 8′ All-Steel Metal Frame Round Style Roof Instant Garage

ShelterLogic 10' x 15' x 8' All-Steel Metal Frame Round Style Roof Instant Garage

This is one of the most durable and secure carports that you can find. The bolts and poles keeping the tent steady are rust-proof, meaning you can use this tent for years without worrying about it rusting or becoming weaker over time. This carport is also waterproof, UV resistant, and reliable on a windy day. You should set aside up to 6 hours to put it together, and you should have at least one other person helping you assemble this tent so that it is done safely and properly.

3. Qisan Canopy tent carport 10 X 20 Feet

Qisan Canopy tent carport 10 X 20 Feet

if you liked the home-like carport that was listed above, then this one will also interest you. It is the same carport/tent hybrid, but it is much larger. You will be able to keep safe from the weather elements and UV rays, but you will also have more room to store things. You can bring in your tools, your car, and anything else that you would usually store in a garage. The bars are sturdy and will not blow down in a strong storm, and they are also meant to last a while. You can purchase this carport without worrying that it will break or tear within a few months, you can feel secure for years with this tent. You also get windows, and the ability to close the front of the tent, so your stuff can remain safe inside.

2. Tentking Rainproof 12’x 20′ Carport

Tentking Rainproof 12’x 20' Carport

This is a rainproof, weather-resistant, UV resistant, and reliable carport. The bars and poles that are used to hold up this carport have been reinforced so that you can rely on them even longer, even if you get windy storms often. You get all-around protection with this carport. The doors are zip close and open, this way you can keep your car and other belongings safe instead when the rain and snow comes in. If you are unsatisfied, there is a 3-year warranty. And a bonus, you can remove two tent sidewalls.

1. Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Carport Replacement Top

Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Carport Replacement Top

And finally, when you have found the tent that is just right for you, you don’t want to spend all of that money on a replacement when it gets a rip or a tear. Instead, you can purchase this replacement top and not have to worry about spending so much to replace the entire tent. This is a 12 by 20 foot top, the railing is not included, but it will save you more money than replacing the whole carport.