Top 8 Privacy Fence Netting 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for more privacy for your own space? Or to be straight forward, do you want to block your property from your neighbors’ view? It is inarguable that these days, many people seek privacy among the crowd. Interaction is great, but keeping some sort of privacy at home should not be overlooked either. That comes the installation of privacy deck and fence netting at home on your fence or at your balcony. These outdoor screens can be used for your backyards too. Despite blocking the visibility, this privacy netting still provides enough breathability for you. Thus, we are here to bring you the top 8 privacy fence netting.

Buying Guides of Privacy Fence Netting

Colors: You should highly consider the color of the privacy fence net since you want it to somehow sync to your outdoor and your fence. Having the correct color will nevertheless add another level of beauty to your house. There are several colors for you to choose from among our suggestions such as black, grey, green, etc.

Blockage: You should also highly consider the level of view and UV blockage of the privacy screen. Suppose you want a high level of blockage. In that case, you might want to look for a fence screen with thick material and a higher percentage of visibility and UV protection.

8. zimo Privacy Screen Fence Heavy Duty Fencing 6’x50′ (Black)

zimo Privacy Screen Fence Heavy Duty Fencing 6'x50' (Black)

First, onto the list, we have the heavy-duty screen fence from Zimo. Zimo built this net cover mostly with advanced and brand-new material like HDPE Polyethylene. Not only that this HDPE Polyethylene has 90% blockage capacity, but it also has a long lifespan despite being constantly under outdoor UV. This fence net has strong UV protection that can prevent tearing and fading due to sun exposure. The fabric also stays firmly on the fence while allowing for efficient airflow, water, wind, and rain. Besides, you will indeed find it easy to install this fence net as it has 4 grommets in every corner, there are also more grommets placed at the 3 edges. You will also get an applicable rope and 65 cable ties for easy installation.


  • Brand-New Materials
  • Strong UV Protection
  • Easy Installation

7. SEKKVY Balcony Outdoor Privacy Screens For Backyards Cover (3′ x 16.4′, Grey)

SEKKVY Balcony Privacy Screen Cover (3' x 16.4', Grey)

Next, we have the privacy screen cover for the balcony from SEKKVY. This privacy screen is quite similar to the earlier suggestion as SEKKVY uses the UV-stabilized HDPE as the main material. This UV-stabilized HDPE is nevertheless an incredible shield against UV rays and gusty wind while resisting fading and remaining at full strength for years to come. Since SEKKVY also reinforced this screen cover with anti-rust grommets and stitched hems for durability. Besides, since this one comes in the color grey, it will look elegant and classic enough to just blend with the outdoor landscaping. With this screen cover, you will have up to 90% of privacy sitting on your balcony while still receiving enough fresh air. Besides, you can use this screen cover for many other purposes such as welded wire fence, chain link fence, fence screening, patio, outdoor paneling, porch, privacy barrier, backyard, front yard, and more.


  • Stunning Design and Classic Color
  • Durability and Breathability
  • Multi-Purposes

6. AofeiGa 6’×50′ Privacy Fence Screen Heavy Duty (Black)

AofeiGa 6'×50' Privacy Fence Screen Heavy Duty (Black)

Down to number 6, it is the privacy fence screen from AofeiGa for excellent UV protection. This privacy fence can block up to 95% of both UV and view, an upgrade from the earlier suggestion. Not only that, but it can also block the surrounding sound; so now, your dog will not bite every time there is a move. While like earlier products, HDPE is also the primary material of this fence screen. The fabric is also a premium one so that it can resist fading and wearing better. There is also a 3” black reinforcement strap with 66 copper grommets covering all edges of the fabric. With these, you can never question this fence screen’s durability. Besides, you can use this fence screen for many purposes such as cyclone wire fence, welded wire fence, wood retaining wall, chain link fence, as well as a privacy barrier for the swimming pool.


  • UV and Privacy Protection: 95%
  • Durability and Breathability
  • Multi-Purposes

5. Amgo 6′ x 50′ Black Fence Privacy Screen (Available for Custom Sizes)

Amgo 6' x 50' Black Fence Privacy Screen (Available for Custom Sizes)

At this product, we have a deck and fence privacy netting screen from Amgo. Since the height of this fence screen is 5’9’’, it would fit perfectly on any 6th fence. You also receive cable zip ties for easy installation. HDPE material is also a primary material for this fence screen to ensure that it will last on your fence. The edges of this screen are finished and designed with heavy-duty bindings as well as stainless copper grommets. Amgo also reinforced all stitches and place the grommets every 1 foot vertically and 2 feet horizontally. There are also four grommets at each corner for durable and firm installation. In terms of blockage, this one can block up to 90% of UV and visibility while still ensuring that you have enough airflow. You can also customize the size of the fence screen by just contacting the supplier. You also receive a three-year warranty for this fence screen for normal usage and weather protection.


  • Durability and Breathability
  • UV and Privacy Protection: 90%
  • 3-Year Warranty

4. TOPNEW Heavy Duty Privacy Screen Fence (6′ x 50′, Green)

TOPNEW Heavy Duty Privacy Screen Fence (6' x 50', Green)

It is the TopNew’s privacy screen fence. The HDPE TopNew uses for this fence screen is of commercial-grade that can resist water and harsh weather while maintaining enough breathability. This HDPE of TopNew has also passed the HD5050S TEST, meaning that it has astonishing tenacity and UV resistance. This fence screen from TopNew can provide 90% shade for your UV protection and privacy. Meanwhile, reinforced binding and rust-proof grommets along the edges can provide strong rust protection. And, as TopNew densely knits the HDPE, this privacy screen is indeed wear-and-tear-resistant. You also wouldn’t find it hard to install this screen fence. All you need is to measure your fence’s size, then run the zip ties through the grommets before attaching the panel to your fence.


  • UV and Privacy Protection: 90%
  • Strong Rust Protection
  • Easy Installation

3. ColourTree 4′ x 50′ Black Fence Privacy Screen Windscreen Cover

ColourTree 4' x 50' Black Fence Privacy Screen Windscreen Cover

We have the black fence screen from ColourTree. 100% virgin HDPE material is the core material of this fence screen. The HDPE fabric here went through approximately 20,000 hours of UV testing. Thus, it has much more durability than 70% of the average fence screen in the market. ColourTree also treats the fabric with UV stabilized compound to prevent the screen from wearing, tearing, and fading out. The lifespan of this fence screen is pretty much extended. For this fence screen, you have a 90% visibility blockage. The absorbent fabric of this fence screen is, in fact, air friendly to provide you with enough breathability. There are also four extra grommets at each corner to help you stick the screen more firmly to your preferred place. The grommets here are also rust-resistant. Thus, you never have to question its durability.


  • Durability and Breathability
  • Wear and Tear Resistance
  • Rust-Resistance

2. XiaZ Fence Privacy Screen 180GSM, Gray

XiaZ Fence Privacy Screen 180GSM, Gray

It is the Fence privacy screen from XiaZ. XiaZ uses thick material for this balcony screen to provide you with more visibility protection. Instead of the mainstream 130 gsm, XiaZ uses 180 gsm. These can provide you with 90% UV protection. The fabric itself also received treatment from UV stabilized compound for the extra-moisture barrier, prevention of fence screen from drying out, and significantly extend the lifespan. If you want extra privacy, this should be it for you. Your neighbors will not be able to see through, and it also helps to block the street view and surrounding noise. Not only that it acts as a protection, but it can also be a decoration to your yards. For better suiting to your place, XiaZ also provides cutting service for the fence mesh size.


  • Extended Lifespan
  • Extra Privacy for You
  • Free Fence Screen Cutting Service

1. Amagabeli 8’x50’ Fence Privacy Screen Green

 Amagabeli 8’x50’ Fence Privacy Screen Green

The finalist, it is the 8×50’ fence screen from Amagabeli. Coming in the color of green, it is nevertheless an excellent blend to your garden and outdoor view. Durability is also a high focus of this fence screen as it has really high wind-resistance. Amagabeli uses 150 gsm to make it just thick enough for more visibility protection. Despite the thickness of the material, it still provides enough room for breathability for you. It also has good shading performance, thanks to the high density woven polypropylene design. Since this screen fence is exactly 50’long and 7’8” tall, it is a perfect fit for any fence of 8 ft tall. This fence can also be easily fixed and mounted. When you purchase this, you also get 60 ties for easy installation of the fence screen to your preferred place. There is also a 5-year warranty for this fence privacy screen from Amagabeli.


  • Beautiful Decoration
  • Durability and Breathability
  • Good Shedding Performance
  • 5-Year Warranty


Coming to the end of the list, we wonder if you love our suggestions. We hope you get to find the perfect one for your house. Get your own privacy while keeping yourself healthy with the privacy fence netting.
Enjoy your shopping!