Top 10 SAS Shoe For Women 2020 Reviews

We all desire good health and comfort in our lives but achieving this without sacrificing personal style can be a challenge. This is especially true for women when it comes to their footwear. Every busy woman knows the struggle of trying to find a comfortable shoe that is durable, comfortable, and stylish for all-day wear. Whether you are on your feet for long hours, need extra foot support, or have medical or diabetic needs, SAS shoes for women are the perfect solution. Below is a list of the top 10 SAS shoes For women in 2019.

10. SAS Women’s Cozy Leather Sandal

SAS Women's Cozy Leather Sandal

Casual and cosy, these open-toed sandals are perfect for indoors enjoying a relaxing weekend or outdoors as a quick slip-on option when you need to step outside. The Ultra-Puff leather suede lining on the top underside of the easily adjustable hook-and-loop straps prevent chaffing and add an extra layer of comfort. These sandals feature SAS Tripad cushions which are located at the three main pressure points of the foot: the outside ball, heel, and inside ball for all-day support. The cushions, in combination with the human-made outer sole provide sturdy stability and maximum shock absorption. The footbed is lined with soft suede and is designed to mould to the natural arches and contours of your foot for a truly personalised fit.

9. SAS Women’s Bliss Slip On Casual Wedge Shoes

SAS Women’s Bliss Slip On Casual Wedge Shoes

Stylish and comfortable, these easy no-fuss slip-on shoes from SAS are made of a stretchable fabric that perfectly hugs your feet. The low elevation wedge gives your posture a small comfortable boost while the bubble structured polyurethane outsole ensures that you get maximum shock absorption with every step. Inside each shoe is a removable leather-lined footbed featuring SAS Tripad cushions at each of the three main pressure points on your foot and is covered throughout with foam padding for incredible all-day support. Available in a variety of widths and fun, chic patterns and colours, these SAS shoes are sure to match any style!

8. SAS Women’s Roamer Slip-On Loafer

SAS Women’s Roamer Slip-On Loafer

Medicare and Diabetic approved, this shoe will let you go about your day worry-free. Fashion and function combine in this stylish loafer designed to relieve your aches and pains. Made from premium leather upper, it offers full-coverage fisherman style with a moccasin toe while still providing ventilation for breathable comfort. The footpad construction offers SAS Tripad-Moc to help alleviate pain in the three main pressure point areas and is odour-resistant and removable so it can be washed or replaced. The footpad also features antimicrobial CoolStep design which helps keep your feet cool and dry. The sole is constructed of polyurethane with millions of tiny bubbles to provide excellent shock absorption for daily wear.

7. SAS Women’s Me Too Walking Shoe

SAS Women’s Me Too Walking Shoe

Premium leather upper shoe with hook-and-loop adjustable closures offers full coverage to protect your feet. Ample cushioning around the tongue and collar prevent excess rubbing, ideal for sensitive feet and long wear. The toe box is wide, rounded and perforated, allowing for plenty of wiggle room. The inside has a mesh lining and removable SAS CoolStep footbed for easy replacement and washing. The footbed also has a moisture-wicking layer and anti-friction lining to keep your feet cool, dry, and slip-free. Odour-resistant SAS Tripad Cushions provide an added layer of relief at the three pressure points on your heel and the inside and outside balls of your feet. These shoes are both Medicare and Diabetic approved.

6. SAS Women’s Tour Mesh Comfort Walking Sneakers

SAS Women’s Tour Mesh Comfort Walking Sneakers

These SAS shoes are designed with movement in mind. Medicare and Diabetic approved, this shoe is ideal for your active weekend or your daily morning walk. The sporty design of mesh and suede are designed to be soft and breathable, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long! This sneaker features a removable SAS CoolStep anti-friction footbed with moisture-wicking technology for even the most active person. Special SAS Arcfit heel stabilisers provide extra shock-absorption while remaining incredibly lightweight. The midsole offers a forepart stabiliser for lateral stability and non-marking rubber grips ensure you will stay steady on your feet during any activity.

5. SAS Women’s Nudu Sandal

SAS Women’s Nudu Sandal

Enjoy all the comfort and support of the reliable SAS brand without sacrificing style! These premium leather strap sandals feature detailed stitching and come in a variety of colours perfect for those warm sunny days. The broad contoured footbeds of these shoes are made with multi-layered Tripad cushions to alleviate pressure in the areas it occurs the most. The suede lining molds to the natural curves of your feet and arches and will further form to your feet as you wear them.

4. SAS Women’s Duo

SAS Women’s Duo

These adorable strappy sandals are perfect for bringing comfort in your life. These sandals designed in cushions for soles and with open upper to serve your all-day need with comforting all three pressure points, i.e. the inside ball, outside ball and heel. While ankle straps with adjustable buckles keep your feet intact with the sandals, you can also adjust the wideness of sandals for your toe joints with two adjustable buckles given on toe straps. With a genuine leather upper to give quality to the product, it comes with a wide base fire heel counter to provide more stability and shock absorption.

3. SAS Women’s Siesta lace-up Comfort Shoe

SAS Women's Siesta lace-up Comfort Shoe

These hand-sewn moccasin toes with hand-laced toe shoes bring a classic style to your look, and its soft and supple leather upper provides the comfort to your feet. These foot shape shoes give your feet a comfortable experience with moving and moulding itself with the shape of your feet exactly. Moccasin construction outside and soft cushion inside for your soles give your feet an exceptional combination of comfort. And its polyurethane outside sole made with millions of bubbles adds one more step in giving the comfort to you by absorbing shocks.

2. SAS Women’s Simplify

SAS Women's Simplify

These easy slip-on designed shoes simplify your life with extreme comfort level given by SAS tripad cushions, designed to comfort the inside ball, the outside ball, and heel. While SAS lightweight supersoft polyurethane in the outsole absorbs shocks, it is soft and supple leather uppers make your feel fool so relaxed inside. These simple in design shoes fitted with ultra-soft leather linings give a cosy feel to your feet, and perforations on the footbed make it breathable. The footbed is removable to achieve perfection in your comfort by covering whole feet for the shock-absorbing experience. Available in many eye-catching colours.

1. SAS Women’s Free Time

SAS Women's Free Time

When it comes to the true experience of comfort, you can’t overlook these Medicare and Diabetic approved shoes. These traditional lace-up closure shoes are perfect for keeping your feet relaxed and comfy in your free time with health care. A removable anti-friction lining from SAS absorbs all of the impact shocks to take care of your foot with a cool and dry experience by its moisture-wicking surface. Inbuilt cushions not only bring comfort to all the pressure points but also prevents feet from developing unpleasant odours. These pair of shoes with soft and breathable upper leather stretches or mold itself to conform to the shape of your feet. These comfortably designed shoes are perfect for your regular errand needs, and its SAS Coolstep footbed and health care makes these shoes very desirable, and one of the best SAS shoe for women.